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Refurbishment, renovation and extension to existing 1980s’ dwelling located in Co. Fermanagh

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The clients brief was for a “garden room” which would link the main body of the house, which was extensively refurbished, with the garden and the views of the mountains to the south of Enniskillen. The original expectation was that this would be used mostly in spring summer and autumn but it has turned out to be the “go to” room in the house.  The light afforded by the extensive glazing and its close proximity to the landscape patio area with its southern aspect make it easy to see why this is the case.

1980s' dwelling

Garden Room












1980s' dwelling

Refurbishment, extension and renovation to 1980s’ dwelling


1980s' refurbishment

Windsor Shaker Kitchen


As part of the refurbishment what was the dinning room has been converted to a gable end kitchen with an enlarged window to the south to take in the view and sunlight.   Our Client used a modern shaker style Windsor mussel door with wood grain effect. The worktops used are the natural River White Granite and the block chrome handle giving the kitchen a modern look.

1980s' dwelling

master bedroom

Two room were knocked into one to provide a larger master bedroom with ensuite and dressing area.

1980s' dwelling

Dressing area



Refurbishment, renovation and extension of 1980s dwelling located Co. Fermanagh

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As part of the refurbishment a good portion of the existing ground floor was reconfigured to put a kitchen/dining space at the southern gable with an increased window size to maximise the light and the view. The old kitchen was turned into a “winter snug” that was separated physically from the garden room with a screen but this was glazed to maintain a visual connection and once again to maximise the southern light, feeding as many spaces as possible.

1980s refurbishment and extension

Existing interiors of dwelling



1980s dwelling

refurbished main living room








The first floor bedrooms and dressing areas were also reconfigured to give two top quality bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and additional storage space.


1980s dwelling

New extension to rear of dwelling

1980s refurbishment

View of new glazing to extension

We have a growing awareness, as we pull ourselves out of the recession and start to build again, that there is a distinct shortage of sub-contractors.  The contractor, Stephen Farry, has done his best to keep to the programme but is continually delayed by the sub-contractors, who,  in turn, are stretched to meet the growing demand while honouring long standing relationships.  In short, delays that we are experiencing on many jobs are nobody’s fault, just a symptom of a general shortage of skilled labour.

In this, and many other cases, we are left to rely on the clients understanding and tolerance.  So far that has been forthcoming and the work is proceeding, albeit at a slower pace than hoped for.

1980s dwelling

Refurbished bathroom

1980s refurbishment

Refurbished Dressing Room


Refurbishment, renovation and extension to existing 1980s dwelling located in Co. Fermanagh

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In the early designs it was envisaged that the refurbishment needed to include a half or two storey extension to accommodate the client’s brief which gave the extension a form similar to the existing but with a much more contemporary feel. However, when they revised their brief the reduced accommodation could be incorporated into a single storey. Adding a single storey extension to the existing format of the refurbishment was problematic without using a flat roof, which the Client wanted to avoid. We therefore devised a delta wing roof which, as well as avoiding a flat roof solution, gave us a number of positive contributions to the project.  It provided a clear distinction between old and new while a deep overhang created much needed shadowing for the wall of glass that was important to the Client in order to link the garden room to the landscaped patios and beyond.

To further accentuate the separation between traditional and contemporary the “garden room” extension is to be clad in natural cedar contrasting with the heavier wet dashed block work of the existing dwelling. The refurbishment and extension are designed to passive house levels of airtightness and insulation.

Refurbishment of 1980s dwelling

Refurbishment of 1980s dwelling – Delta wing roof taking shape.

1980s refurbishment

Refurbishment and extension of 1980s dwelling – block work and steel to Pavilion extension

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